Jun 08, 2020 - Written By Scott Brown

To a lesser or greater extent there are always stressors present in each one of our lives. In balance they are a natural occurring aspect of life. Stress is the response to stressors and recent events have exasperated this in some areas. Each of us reacts or stresses to all manner of different things. Concerns over family, roof over their heads, money, job, health will be more common themes. Stress comes with an amount of fear and the fight flight is activated in the body. Seems a default conditioning can be to try to take control over a situation so Read More

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Meditation posture
Feb 11, 2017 - Written By Scott Brown

You can sit on a zafu, prance round a yoga mat. its all about straight spine relaxed breath and free thoughts. You cannot deny this is a bloody good meditation posture, whilst being nature. In fact there are as many ways as there are folk but this in particular looks really bloody good to me. big love  

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It is the simple things
Dec 23, 2016 - Written By Scott Brown

Patience is the ultimate love, would I sit still in the freezing cold for many things.Yesterday the swell period was a while to say the least, why else would you sit there unless you loved it. How odd it must look for people to see little back beings bobbing round in the water on a cold dark morning and not the slightest mention of a wave. But then like any fisherman knows anticipation is half the fun. Seems to me life is exciting things, not so good things and a lot of middle ground, being, if you are lucky. In Read More

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Interesting article, well depends on your viewpoint of course.
Aug 02, 2016 - Written By Scott Brown

If we wanted to stop judging, we’d have to admit that our picture of the world and of others is our picture and ours alone. We would have to admit we are responsible for what we accept, what we reject, and what we respond to. We would need to acknowledge that we are the primary author of our own assumptions and projections. After we grow to accept this, we would then be able to start the painstaking work of deconstructing our own reality tunnel-sorting out what belongs to us and what belongs to other people- and essentially questioning everything we Read More

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Mindfulness improving performance in sport.
Jun 15, 2016 - Written By Scott Brown

love that clip Is what we believe to be true; true ? Do subconscious limiting beliefs cause us to stop short of our full potential ? Sport and particularly endurance sport seems to be a tremendous amount about mental ability. Not withstanding of course the fact the body has to be trained thoroughly and carefully. Meditation or mindfulness could be looked at in two broad camps; concentration and  insight. If we concentrate on a certain anchor, such as the breath,  the body, a mantra or a candle then we train the mind to stay where we  put it. Focus as Read More

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Why use gear (s) ?
May 04, 2016 - Written By Scott Brown

A peaceful paddle. Something happens in that place of enough effort and alignment there is flow. The training program has been using the gears, my my there actually are gears not just flat out and stop. Work hard play hard worked for a while as a life motto, thinking it was balance, little did I even spot both ended in hard. Sport has always been a lifestyle and a healthy alternative to exercise the demons. It has been amazing and strange to paddle gently, go slow to go fast as they say. Mixing it up and using a program means Read More

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The Ocean heals
Apr 22, 2016 - Written By Scott Brown

‘Be like water” Bruce Lee We are nature; no matter how much we try to deny this to ourselves, hidden in our concrete jungles eating plastic food. That being said we inhabit our bodies first and foremost. Boy I didn’t understand the mind body soul shit. I love the yoga mat as much as the next person but when I take the mat on the ocean the whole world comes alive. My personal experience and thats all it is an opinion, is life is a gift, yoga, union, zen what ever the hell you wish to label it. Those labels Read More

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Find your happy place
Feb 10, 2016 - Written By Scott Brown

Half past six this morning, myself and few friends were lucky enough and perhaps insane enough to be surfing as the sun came up. Personally insanity for me is a prerequisite to an enjoyable life. In a previous life I would have already been at my desk striving to reach somewhere, but then of course thats not insanity. Sitting there in the water discussing training and racing a good friend of mine said to someone ” Find your happy place ” It does not matter where I come in a race, the amount of training I do or don’t do, Read More

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Sep 29, 2015 - Written By Scott Brown

So its basically like we see a tiny fraction of the iceberg un yet the whole thing is hanging out 90% out of view. I think somewhere I may have heard awareness is the key to change….90% out of view that iceberg 90%. Using the old saying awareness is what turns the ice to water and lets us flow. How can this help ? Ticking all the boxes in life, I do this, I am that, I got this I got that. well perhaps that is the iceberg tip. I am trying to imagine if I knew what truth really Read More

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Feeding the pony, non attachment
Jun 11, 2015 - Written By Scott Brown

When you were a kid, did you ever go feed the horses, rip up the grass and put it in a flat open palm. I always remember being told keep the palm flat and open. Now I am sacred of horses or used to be, so what happens ? the hand starts to clasp for some reason and hey presto a finger gets nipped reinforcing the theory in my mind. This modern world we have can be quite outwardly facing. In life I so quickly  forget that I lack nothing, but often I have things, people or ideas in the Read More

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