‘Be like water” Bruce Lee

We are nature; no matter how much we try to deny this to ourselves, hidden in our concrete jungles eating plastic food. That being said we inhabit our bodies first and foremost. Boy I didn’t understand the mind body soul shit.

I love the yoga mat as much as the next person but when I take the mat on the ocean the whole world comes alive.

My personal experience and thats all it is an opinion, is life is a gift, yoga, union, zen what ever the hell you wish to label it. Those labels do cause some trouble in mind.

Sick of beating to humanities drum. The matrix of get more, do more be something, busy, rich, successful  all those things that will make you happy apparently. Shit man I am screwed if I need something to be happy given all my damn power away in one foul swoop.

So why would I bother mentioning this ? well basically the ocean is a whole different world. Although humans are even trying to fuck that too.

Effort lots and lots of it, sometimes thats how I felt life was. If I just put in more effort then I will get somewhere that I can rest and be ok. Seems the first stop maybe retirement if I am lucky and not dead.

Imagine the surprise when standing on a paddle board in choppy seas,my effort is bloody useless, plenty of C bombs. More effort try harder must get somewhere, thankfully the ocean knocks me off lots and lots and lots and lots, egg on face well in my mind anyway; ego no likey. Perhaps go back to the river where it is flat and a more controlled environment.

Control thats seems to be an issue could only be me though. Everyone must have watched Vikings, lets take a small boat in mad seas and go plunder lands. Man some could say we had more balls in days gone by. Or maybe just fun.

Now it appears sitting on the sofa watching this appeases our squashed needs for life. Modern living is great but what happened to the great outdoors.

Why am I doing this shit ? Is it too get somewhere or do I just enjoy the whole experience.

So I take me yoga mat with a bit of magic and luck switch it into a paddle board cinderella style.

Now we are doing kung fu style yoga on the sea. Ever tried doing tree pose on a bucking mat while paddling, boy is it fun and a touch in the moment if you happen to notice.

All that effort is no good if I have no balance and the whole environment is out of my control, shit run for safety protect the ego, find the flat water or better still give up.

But then the whole feeling and thought process kicks in, Jesus imagine if it is better to just be relaxed and keep balanced doing what I can to apply effort to paddle.

But the mind is still going: but you got to do more, you got to do more.

A door opens now it becomes an experience rather than just effort.Its just a fun game, sometimes a lot of effort, sometimes a glide, sometimes a wobble. God forbid sometimes a fall and you just get back up.

The body mind and soul are energy, I may have heard somewhere that it can get blocked. The body is just a whole network of channels, whatever you want to label them, meridians, chakras, nerves, muscles who cares.

Stand on a board in the ocean and dance around shaking your thing and the whole lot falls apart at the seams.

Perhaps letting it all fall apart is where it is at, and then just enjoy the ride.

plenty of love and hugs