One to One Mindfulness

one to one mindfulness

Benefits of one to one mindfulness practice.


For many different reasons one to one tuition and practise can be a preferred way of studying.

When beginning practise a few one to one mindfulness sessions can help build confidence and  allow space for individual questions and comfort level.

Ideal for working with specific yoga asana and to spend some undivided attention on particular areas of practise.

There is something quite unique about one to one mindfulness. Holding this space allows individuals to have as much time as necessary to ask questions, study practise and  travel as they please without a group.

Often one to one mindfulness sessions can greatly benefit along side a group course for an individual to spend sometime on areas specific to themselves and where they are.

Both the Mindfulness for Well being and Insight course are taught on a one to one basis, and specific yoga instruction is available on request.

Please contact me with any questions or for more information.