About Zen Balance

Zen Balance is about helping to spread awareness of Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Yoga for the benefit of all.  How did I get here ?  Most recently co founding Studio 34 in Sandbanks UK, a holistic studio for everyone. Prior to Studio 34 was Yoga Room in Bournemouth where as Founder and Director I taught Yoga and Zen Mindfulness for a number of years. I have been very lucky to meet some amazing teachers who have had a significant and life enhancing role to play in the journey. Presently being a pupil of Zen Master Julian Daizan Skinner of Zenways, and continuing my yoga study with John and Lucy Scott.

It wasn’t always the Yoga mat and Mindfulness. Most of my younger years were spent rowing backwards down a river  and generally smashing my body training. This intensely competitive nature and drive lead me to the City for a career. Much to my amazement I spent fifteen years as an Investment Banker, trading European Equites.

So what happened ?  Busy life, a lot of stress, lack of satisfaction, craving the next challenge. Fortunately an introduction to a man named Andy Puddicombe prior to the days of what is now Headspace when he had a company called Asunya, was just what the doctor ordered. Earnestly to say the least I began one on one mindfulness study with him. At a similar time the yoga mat beckoned instead of the gym.

One of the outcomes of this being a move to the coast to create a Yoga and Meditation Studio. So here I am, living by the sea, sharing wellbeing, meditation and yoga and at any opportunity in the ocean.




Zen Balance