Patience is the ultimate love, would I sit still in the freezing cold for many things.Yesterday the swell period was a while to say the least, why else would you sit there unless you loved it.

How odd it must look for people to see little back beings bobbing round in the water on a cold dark morning and not the slightest mention of a wave.

But then like any fisherman knows anticipation is half the fun.

Seems to me life is exciting things, not so good things and a lot of middle ground, being, if you are lucky.

In the analogy of surfing, it becomes quite apparent how it can be all about just catching the wave rather than the experience. There is actually something quite fantastic and a feeling of being alive just to sit in the sea bobbing around. That’s without even catching any waves.

As I was shown ways to sit meditating it was made clear to me that posture was vitally important to the process. To sit upright but yet relaxed allowing the breath, body and mind to be free and uplifting.

You know it exactly how one sits on a surfboard in the ocean, sit bones resting on the board, back straight and relaxed. The water movement helps free the hips shoulders, neck…. And thoughts.

It is very freeing and peaceful to become part of the picture.

Happy Christmas.