To a lesser or greater extent there are always stressors present in each one of our lives. In balance they are a natural occurring aspect of life.

Stress is the response to stressors and recent events have exasperated this in some areas.

Each of us reacts or stresses to all manner of different things.

Concerns over family, roof over their heads, money, job, health will be more common themes.

Stress comes with an amount of fear and the fight flight is activated in the body.

Seems a default conditioning can be to try to take control over a situation so worry becomes a pattern in the mind.

The more this thought process plays the more it seems real to live, the more the stress response is activated in the body.

I was never sure how meditation (non judgemental awareness ) could help the battle plan, and it did feel like a battle.

How could resilience, mental toughness be derived from acceptance?

Let us just say none of this stuff in the mind is actually happening right now, unless I am actually that second losing my job, or being eaten by a shark.

The fact that the story can be played over and over creates stress and reduces resilience.

The less we fight the more energy there is for life. If the mind is creating stress all the time then resilience, energy, focus, and clarity are going to be worn out.

Anchoring to the present with a breath exercise, or some form of trained focus creates a space to see this stress response process unfold. (to observe the patterns.)

The space is where the magic happens. Like anything it is a practise, knowing is not doing.

Resilience is born in the present moment. Acceptance, trust and compassion forge a path for clear action and understanding.

The key is to watch the process and bring space around it, not try and push it away, but move with it.