Sharing the moment
May 31, 2015 - Written By Scott Brown

  nothing better than 7am on a sunny morning, though usually it is more like six.   thanks Ryan

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S. often U.P.
May 15, 2015 - Written By Scott Brown

You big soft git……girls blouse ,  mtfu…..stop moaning. There seem to be a million phases around and regularly used to maintain and justify a push forward no matter what attitude. Now not for one minute am I saying that we should all sit back and do sweet f a, with a joint on the go, but there is a balance between crashing on no matter what applying more and more effort. The patterns of learning for me were along the lines of no retreat no surrender no matter what. These probably developed from an insane sense of lacking and a Read More

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Yoga for Sport…..testamonial
Apr 23, 2015 - Written By Scott Brown

Andy is representing Great Britain in the ISA Paddleboard World Champs 10-17th May this year, in Mexico. It has been really cool seeing how a keen athlete with good awareness and balance has taken to yoga and is already stating to see and feel real benefits to his performance both on and off the sports field. Yoga is an essential part of any serious athletes training program… a  must for mind and body.    

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Human BEING.
Mar 27, 2015 - Written By Scott Brown

My teacher Daizan once or more than once has said to me we are human beings. This passage is from a book by OSHO, it really resonates for me. In Latin there is a dictum: agere sequitur esse – to do follows to be; action follows being. It is tremendously beautiful. Don’t try to change your action – try to find out your being, and action will follow. The action is secondary; being is primary. Action is something that you do; being is something that you are….your being contains eternity, your actions contain only your past. x    

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What is Training ?
Mar 18, 2015 - Written By Scott Brown

Life is not a dress rehearsal, Life is Now. It will not happen in some place in the future. Mind seems to have us believe that if we gain, if we get, if we are something, if we win then we will be happy. Mindfulness in sport, how could it help us see more clearly ? When we are present, really here, then we are a part of the whole, one with reality. Sport can and often is about competing and perhaps with goals at a future date. How could we help balance this perspective of competition. Competition, need and Read More

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Observer, a different perspective.
Feb 09, 2015 - Written By Scott Brown

Saturday saw race four of our local SUP club race series, great turn out and a proper gruelling course, just what id love to be involved in. It is so hard not to have expectations and succumb to the “voices”. One of my greatest passions is training, however out of balance it is not wellbeing or healthy, it becomes self harm or ego. Quite quickly in my case. What are the voices ? whose are they ? Almost daily I have to smile at the thankfully now subtle lack of compassion or for want of a better phrase , conditioned acceptance Read More

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Seeing in the dark
Dec 06, 2014 - Written By Scott Brown

Would you believe it, in that picture there are 3 OC canoes on the beach. Hidden in darkness but they are there, and they are so much fun and amazing. Countless times I find myself looking at the light, the sunrise so stunning, the light and colours on the water, is life. Without those Oc’s there would have been no precious paddling on that beautifully sunlight ocean. The journey for me is to carefully, gently and compassionately look into the dark, embrace the darkness, accept it, own it, know it, be comfortable in what is. This awareness and acceptance is Read More

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Heart Mind
Dec 03, 2014 - Written By Scott Brown

Recently had a bit of lurgy, its the time of year I guess. Today was the first day back on the water for a few days, actually quite a while as I have been away doing yoga. I didn’t wish to take the heart rate monitor, and work to parameters. It felt good to just be on the water and go by a sense of feel and enjoyment, to be out in the fresh air. So much of life is defined by numbers and how and in what way we each perceive them and to what value we give them. Read More

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Coming Home
Nov 16, 2014 - Written By Scott Brown

Freedom in Coming Home, flowing into the Ocean. the paddle becomes me, i become the OC, the OC is the Ocean, just being the world

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Lucky to BE alive
Nov 13, 2014 - Written By Scott Brown

I am a human being apparently not a human doing. There has been tremendous amounts of pain in my life both given and taken but it is all misguided love. Right now this second there is Peace. Forgiveness is the key and it starts at my own door. The beauty is each moment i get to be again and again for eternity. Sometimes the dark corners of my soul feel like self imposed hell, but they are self imposed. There is freedom in that. When i judge others all i see is a reflection of myself, un yet when i Read More

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