You big soft git……girls blouse ,  mtfu…..stop moaning.

There seem to be a million phases around and regularly used to maintain and justify a push forward no matter what attitude.

Now not for one minute am I saying that we should all sit back and do sweet f a, with a joint on the go, but there is a balance between crashing on no matter what applying more and more effort.

The patterns of learning for me were along the lines of no retreat no surrender no matter what. These probably developed from an insane sense of lacking and a need to prove myself acceptable in any way possible.

Brute force and ignorance would sum up the drive quite suitably. The drive to succeed in what ever form this took in my mind far outweighed any sense of seeing clearly or even having perspective on what was going on.

There was no understanding of box clever or play the game as some of my friends used to say. Head down push on with not a great deal of regard for harm done or results.

So imagine when an amazing teacher, age, a new sport or a combination of the lot allowed me to have a sneak viewing of what a one trick pony is.

Physical exercise has long been a passion of mine. Lets be honest not always in the best light. If you are in pain find more pain and you are at home.

In the words of Bruce Lee..Be like water

Well this stumped me even after a stint rowing a boat, albeit mainly in an eight where balance and feel could be sightly second to brute force, in my case at least.

So to the SUP board. OMG I cannot stand up it is stand up paddle boarding.

In Zen I believe it is called beginners mind, in surfing just a down right humbling experience of no can do.

This is a multi faceted sport, I am sure there are many more but thankfully this one caught up with me.

Now I love the yoga mat and sport, so marry the two. The mat now moves and the cardio work gets a blast.

If the mat don’t move there is a stable element, bring the ocean in and hey presto, that terrifying word surrender.

There is an element of Zen called flow where one may disappear into totality. NOW perhaps there is too much to say, just have a go.

To date it still amazes me that when I become my surroundings and acknowledge all there is neither, thats why I love SUP.

However reading an article isn’t Being on the water.

Personally I find something uniquely beautiful in being a part of the ocean and sharing it with friends.