Would you believe it, in that picture there are 3 OC canoes on the beach. Hidden in darkness but they are there, and they are so much fun and amazing.

Countless times I find myself looking at the light, the sunrise so stunning, the light and colours on the water, is life.

Without those Oc’s there would have been no precious paddling on that beautifully sunlight ocean.

The journey for me is to carefully, gently and compassionately look into the dark, embrace the darkness, accept it, own it, know it, be comfortable in what is.

This awareness and acceptance is the key, those OC’s are 100% there whether you choose to see them or not.

The saying goes, the deeper the roots of the lotus flower are in the mud, the more beautiful the flower.

Seems to me aversion to darkness and attachment to light tends to lead to disillusioned mind.

With gentle awareness we see we are neither.