A peaceful paddle. Something happens in that place of enough effort and alignment there is flow.

The training program has been using the gears, my my there actually are gears not just flat out and stop.

Work hard play hard worked for a while as a life motto, thinking it was balance, little did I even spot both ended in hard.

Sport has always been a lifestyle and a healthy alternative to exercise the demons.

It has been amazing and strange to paddle gently, go slow to go fast as they say.

Mixing it up and using a program means adhere to it. oh no rules

But on the flip side instead of just going out and smashing miles, the mind becomes very aware of the different gears the body has when exercising and each is of vital importance.

Once upon a time  it was just fifth gear all the time flat out, might have to look at the reasons why that was happening ?

Imagine having to paddle slowly,  that means look at technique and alignment, not just effort.

Slowly is strange at first, a bit of panic I am not doing enough… but trust the program.

It has been a real lesson in mindfulness of effort, and more precisely direction of effort. When the mind finds these places either on the yoga mat or the SUP there is an understanding and awareness that resonates on a daily basis not just during the practise or training.

Did someone say rest days are as important as training days, fu@k I must be getting old.

Intentions seem to be the basis of a most stuff and when its all slowed down I am aware often there is the oddest of reasons…..its all progress.