So its basically like we see a tiny fraction of the iceberg un yet the whole thing is hanging out 90% out of view. I think somewhere I may have heard awareness is the key to change….90% out of view that iceberg 90%.

Using the old saying awareness is what turns the ice to water and lets us flow. How can this help ?

Ticking all the boxes in life, I do this, I am that, I got this I got that. well perhaps that is the iceberg tip.

I am trying to imagine if I knew what truth really was, I suspect that maybe the missing 90%.

Pretty much when one can observe not own thoughts actions and patterns it is obvious that there is some deep seated conditions and fundamental beliefs. Now bearing in mind no one is born with these and we are a blank canvas they in themselves are impermanent and an illusion.

So why the heck do I believe them to be so real, just cos I have heard the record over and over again.

Really there is infinite possibility with no mind cos mind is the trap.

Anyway to the point if there ever is one. Basically without awareness I cannot see the iceberg. This being said, I parade round trying to stop the top from melting in the sun and making it look all fancy when lets be honest the real work is underneath.

Big love x