Yogatides and Zen-Balance are combining to create a weekend of exploration. The venue and date is to be decided, but the workshop will be early spring 2015 and probably North Devon area.

The workshop will be two days, combining a variety of elements. The theme will be balance and surfing, used to illustrate a variety of principles and ideas.

Mindfulness, what is it ? and how it maybe beneficial in all aspects of life. There will be an introduction to the topic, and guided practises, with plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Yoga, mindful movement and the connection to the breath as a gateway to freedom.  We will be looking at flexibility, the ability to bend and flow with whatever comes our way. Beginning to tie in the breath as an anchor to be grounded in our movement.

A flowing routine of  asana will be practised so that each participant will take away the ability for a bit of self practise going forward.

Surfing, putting it all into practise. Yoga Tides can arrange surf lessons if anyone wishes or  bring your own board we hope to be on the water a lot.

Accommodation will be arranged locally or please come stay in your vans. Going to be a lot of fun…..please contact either of us for more details.