Tension is not that useful, although good tension is, if you call it tension

It is not easy to be soft and strong in the moment, but the more we are in the moment the more we know instinctively what is required.

Spending a bit of time on the water, you realise quick where the underlying energy is and it is rarely oneself.

A top paddler i know recently said to me he slows down by a kilometre an hour when not paying attention to his stroke, mindfulness just perhaps could be a little of the answer, perhaps.

we train the body, why not train the mind

This workshop will look at a few movements or asanas and breathing techniques to develop that feeling of letting go for want of a better way of putting it.

It is better to be efficient and flowing than wasting energy.

If we think of each split second or millisecond of any stroke or paddle as an asana then each transition through it needs to be smooth.

We will focus on the specific body stances (asana) and then why it is we get stuck when change or transition occurs.

there are 7 spaces only for the workshop and the price is £10

see you on the mat